Reveal Your Star Sign in Sunlight

As jewelry and tattoos are both meaningful creations and message carriers, the goal was to connect the two artforms. Whether in permanent black ink or in transient luminous sunrays, human bodies or immediate environments are seized upon as canvasses to project symbols of self-identity, aspiration and hope onto the world.

Sang Bleu imagined the designs embedded in the gold pendants in which this classic theme is given a new and never-before-seen twist. Using THE RAYY’s light-shaping technology, the zodiac signs shine as bright as stars, a tribute to the constellations they represent.

« Early embracer of digital technologies, it’s always been a dream of ours at Sang Bleu to push towards the integration of art, design and technology. It happened to naturally align with the very core of what The Rayy is: we dove into it with no hesitation. This new collection is everything we hoped for and more! »

Maxime Plescia-Büchi, founder of Sang Bleu

Disk Zodiac

Yellow Gold

Disk Zodiac

White Gold

Disk Zodiac

Rose Gold