The Facets Collection

The Facets Collection

For its brand new collection FACETS, THE RAYY has explored an aesthetic that is both architectural and abstract, the fruit of a boundary-breaking fusion of traditional jewelry techniques and advanced 3D modeling. Made up of four rings, a cuff bracelet and a pendant – in white, yellow or rose 18-karat gold, with or without lab-grown diamonds – the collection treats mirrors like precious stones. Their highly polished surfaces provide the focal points for angular, contemporary pieces that fit like a glove.

Crafted by hand in Switzerland using traditional jewelry-making savoir-faire, FACETS celebrates both the dual facets of THE RAYY – with its fertile synthesis of art and science – and the varied facets of its wearer's personality: all six pieces can all be personalized to reflect the inner you.

To add a unique graphic twist to the collection, THE RAYY has joined forces with Blanca Miró Skoudy, a surrealist artist who lives and works in Barcelona. She has created a series of four portraits inspired by the elements, which trace the contours of four distinct identities. Worn singly or combined, they put a unique work of art at your fingertips to capture your elusive inner truth.

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Born in Barcelona in 1987, Blanca Miró Skoudy is a visual artist whose work encompasses the fields of drawing, sculpture, design and art direction. Inspired by surrealism, she shares THE RAYY's fascination for mirrors. An enduring inspiration for the surrealists, mirrors channel a symbolic power that stretches back through Snow White, Don Quixote’s Knight of the Mirror, and Jean Cocteau's Orphée.

In this new collection, mirrors act as the gateways to an alternate, augmented reality, conjuring up “solar-powered” reflections of your soul. Although rooted in the fundamental duality of yin and yang, Blanca Miró Skoudy's designs transcend traditional gender categories. With the FACETS collection, you are free to choose the identity that best defines the person you really are.

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