<strong>Our Values</strong>

Our Values

Ethics and Sustainability

What if we all slowed down? THE RAYY is about living at a different rhythm. It takes time to work 18-karat gold into a three-dimensional shape, to polish the precious material, and encode its inner message. Our pieces celebrate jewelry as a form of creative expression, in symbiosis with nature.

Our ethical commitment is reflected in every facet of the brand. Our products are all made in Switzerland. We keep no physical stock: each jewel is handcrafted to order, and delivered within four to six weeks. We use only responsibly-sourced gold, and lab-grown diamonds that preserve our planet’s limited resources. Our packaging is specially designed to avoid waste and manufactured in local factories.


It is in a permanent commitment to innovation that the light of THE RAYY shines brightest. Our Mirrors are crafted to an outstanding degree of Swiss precision, using high-tech machines in state-of-the-art workshops. From sparkling diamonds created in a laboratory to the computer algorithm that sculpts unique messages from light, our creations are celebrations of human ingenuity. At THE RAYY, art and science do not exist in isolation: they flow into one another, creating something that is far greater than the sum of its parts. When art and science collide, the result is jewelry with soul.

That innovative approach extends to a whole new way of doing business. Our creations are intended for individual personalities, not specific genders. By keeping no physical stock, we eliminate waste and limit our use of resources to the strict minimum. And by favoring local suppliers, we keep the carbon emissions associated with our business as low as possible.


THE RAYY's jewelry reinvents luxury, with creations that are as unique as the people who wear them. Customized or entirely made-to-order, they are only produced in small, limited quantities. Depending on the design, each one takes between four and six weeks to produce.

Crafted by hand, with traditional jewelry-making savoir-faire, they are designed to stand the test of time. Their noble materials will take on a distinctive patina over the years, while losing nothing of their luster.

Yet the thing that makes each of our jewels most special is its wearer. Concealed within its mirror-polished surface lies a message unique to its owner. A message that is only revealed when its wearer so desires, thus accentuating each creation's personal resonance. A message that will endure, as long as the sun shines.


It starts with a play of the light. Light rays fusing together as they encounter a reflective surface, to create meaning and emotion. Jewels that catch the light, taming it and shaping it into a reflection of you.

It develops into a game of hide and seek. A message like a hidden facet, to be revealed only when and where you so desire. A secret that you alone choose to share.

It is a game for multiple players. Whether they are different pieces, stacked together on one finger or worn on both hands. Or jewels worn by two different people, whose messages come together to spell out a common truth.

At THE RAYY, playfulness is the name of the game.