<strong>Our Story</strong>

Our Story

The technology

THE RAYY's unique method for sculpting light was developed at Mark Pauly's Geometric Computing Laboratory, at EPFL. Romain and Yuliy were studying caustics, or the way light rays reflect off one surface to form patterns on another. Although you may not know the word, you know the effect. It is what you see when you look at the bottom of a swimming pool – or next to a glass of water – on a sunny day.
"We wondered if it would be possible to manipulate the REFLECTION, so that instead of random patterns, we could create precise images like PICTURES, WORDS or SYMBOLS," Romain remembers.
The solution lay in patented algorithms that can generate specific images. "We wrote an algorithm to calculate the 3D surfaces that reflect light a certain way and form the desired message," says Yuliy. The detailed shapes – engraved into the jewels using high-precision instruments – concentrate light rays onto specific areas and turn them away from others.
The result: meaningful MESSAGES that can be revealed whenever you choose.

Science for Art’s sake

It was when Romain and Yuliy met designer Noémie Arrigo – now THE RAYY's Artistic Director – that their innovation revealed its full potential, moving out of the laboratory and into the world of art. The intersection of their contrasting but complementary trajectories has generated a new kind of jewelry, which pushes back the boundaries of both technology and design.

From that point on, THE RAYY was born. Its creative brief: creating jewels made of gold, diamonds and light. It grew into its current form in 2021, when Ingrid Gosselin joined the team to raise the brand's public profile.

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