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Our Collections

THE RAYY takes jewelry to a new dimension. The style is strong and abstract, with an aesthetic inspired by architecture. Thanks to our patented algorithm, light takes on physical form to become a jewelry material in its own right, alongside lab-grown diamonds and 18-karat gold.
The personal messages it reveals endow our creations with unique kinetic poetry.
In architecture, science and technology are channeled to provide light with nuance and rhythm. In our jewelry, they serve the same purpose. Computer algorithms and 3D modeling create a vivid interplay between form and light, in which light and shape fuse to create intimate messages.

It is an aesthetic in which less is more, in which design is a process of subtraction. It is a style that reduces forms to their essence, to project the hidden facets of your soul.
Noémie Arrigo creates pieces made of gold, diamonds and light
Noémie Arrigo is a self-taught jeweler, with a background in graphic design. The result is a distinctive style, which owes as much to the avant-garde as it does to traditional jewelry design. Her creative process is defined by three criteria: abstraction, modernity and purity.

At THE RAYY, she creates pieces made of gold, diamonds and light, in a constant quest for timelessness and simplicity. The approach is artistic and conceptual, focused on enhancing the way a shape interacts with the human body until it becomes effortless and natural.

Her approach refines and updates classical forms to free them from the constraints of the past. In her designs, all decorative elements are pared away until only the essence remains.    

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