Launch of our Pendant Collection and Collaboration with Sang Bleu

Launch of our Pendant Collection and Collaboration with Sang Bleu

21st October 2020

THE RAYY introduces its new unisex pendant collection: among which a collaboration with world-renowned tattoo artist Maxime Plescia-Büchi and his Sang Bleu studio. Reflecting off the pendants’ surfaces, the 12 zodiac signs magically materialize in light.

The award-winning technology developed at the EPFL university in Lausanne, Switzerland is used to precisely carve the gold surface of each pendant. When the wearer steps into sunlight, the light rays are reflected and focused to reveal a hidden message. Just like a tattoo, the message tells your story. Reveal its secret or keep it to yourself, you decide.


The design of the new collection is a continuation of THE RAYY’s ring collection. The pendants are inspired by the designs of the DOT and BAR rings, and explore the imbrication of two elements: a graphic medallion held by a twisting loop.

The new DISK and BAR pendants are framed in a double loop. The main loop holds the pendant while the second links to the chain. The BOLD variation provides a thicker design and significant weight. Their substantial volume renders the pendants as truly 3-dimensional sculptures and emphasizes their playfulness.


Maxime Plescia-Büchi is a Lausanne-born, world-renowned tattoo artist celebrated for his compositions inspired by geometric and architectural shapes. He is the founder of the Sang Bleu creative agency and tattoo studio located in Zurich, London, and Los Angeles.

The collaborative potential between THE RAYY and Sang Bleu was both undeniable and irresistible: whether in permanent black ink or in transient luminous sunrays, human bodies or immediate environments are seized upon as canvasses to project symbols of self-identity, aspiration and hope onto the world.

THE RAYY’s jewelry includes three components: science, gold, and light. In a poetic homage to the givers of light, the stars and sun, THE RAYY’s new pendant collection invites you to indulge in the astronomic wonders of the zodiac constellations. As highly requested subjects of tattoo art, zodiac signs provided a space of artistic partnership bringing together THE RAYY and Maxime Plescia-Büchi: Sang Bleu imagined the designs embedded in the gold pendants. While Maxime’s artwork finds an expression through a new medium, THE RAYY’s pendants include previously unfeatured pictorial light projections in addition to text. These classic pendant patterns are given a new and never-before-seen twist, and using the light-shaping technology, these signs shine as bright as stars, a tribute to the constellations they represent.

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