New models for Valentine's Day: Dot Crown & Dot Snow

New models for Valentine's Day: Dot Crown & Dot Snow

5th February 2020

For its first Valentine’s Day, THE RAYY introduces new styles to the Dot collection: Dot Crown and Dot Snow. These 2 new models are enhanced by the addition of a multitude of hand-set diamonds, surrounding the round surface. Because of their unique properties, diamonds bring another level of sparkle to our rings, making every ray of sun a magical moment.

The love story between light and jewelry has always existed, but THE RAYY brings it to the next level.

The Dot S Crown and Dot L Crown feature a subtle line of more than 20 diamonds embracing the gold disc, reaffirming its modern aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the Dot S Snow and Dot L Snow reveal a refined handcrafted “snow” setting, playing with more than 150 diamonds of different sizes to achieve an organic sparkling surface. Very challenging in technique, this diamond setting requires a very delicate touch to arrange each perfectly sized stone.

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