Care at Home

THE RAYY jewelry are made exclusively of 18k gold and lab-grown diamonds. We have designed the ring such that your message will stay readable and bright even with small scratches. They are part of the jewelry's life and give it additional character. From time-to-time provide a gentle cleaning with the provided cloth – this will help your jewelry sparkle at its best.

Professional Service

Like any piece of jewelry, your ring might lose a bit of its shine over the years, or, depending on use, may get scratched. Then, a specific polishing may be required to restore the ring's natural brilliance. If this should be the case, contact us for instructions on how to return the piece. We will polish your ring and send it back to you for a small charge.

While we recommend you send the piece to us for polishing, you may wish to have the ring polished by your local jeweler. In this case, please inform the jeweller of the uniqueness of the front surface which requires a light touch. If the ring is not properly handled, the message may be erased. THE RAYY takes no responsibility for a ring that is not polished by us. See our Terms of Use for details. Should you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.