Geometry of Light

In Geometry of Light, style and content achieve a symbiosis in which the form is everything.

The Dot ring explores the shape of the circle, in infinitely soft curves. A refined, modern version of the classic signet ring, it can be worn as a discreet adornment or an eye-catching statement piece.

Its sister piece – Two Dots – is a celebration of connections: resolutely modern in its symmetry, it features two golden circles joining to form the symbol of infinity.

Graphic and minimalist, the Bar ring transforms the traditional wedding band into a futuristic sculpture, for a new generation of lovers. Enclose a date, initials or a secret message within its mirror surface, and let the light of the sun reveal it whenever you choose.

The Solitaire is an avant-garde engagement ring, constructed from pure geometric shapes. It is adorned with lab-grown diamonds in snow setting: over 50 stones are set by hand to create a sparkling organic surface. This refined technique requires an expert touch to position each different-sized gem.  

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