How are you able to project light messages?
Thanks to our patented RAYFORM™️ Light-Shaping technology, we are able to control how light reflects on polished materials. By concentrating the reflected rays on a specific area, we can form the shape that we want. Our custom algorithm and high-precision tools are the key to this unique know-how.

Is the message visible on the surface?
Smooth waves are sculpted on the surface of the jewelry pieces, but the message remains secret until you decide to reveal it.

How is it made?
Each message is computed and sculpted on the surface of the jewelry piece called the Mirror. With an outstanding degree of Swiss precision and high-tech tools, it is finally hand polished to perfection.

What if the sun doesn’t shine?
The Mirror is sculpted in such a way that any direct light source such as a spotlight, a smartphone flashlight, or the rays of the sun can reflect the message.

Can the message be damaged and disappear?
Your jewelry creation is precious and requires care and attention. To preserve the brightness of the light message and the brilliance of the gold the jewelry piece must be cared for by regular cleaning with the provided cloth.

I don’t know my ring size… what should I do?
You can just order our complimentary ring sizer which will be sent at no cost.

Any other question?
Just send us a message and we will quickly give you a reply.