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We accept payment by credit card, Paypal and bank transfer. Every purchase is secured thanks to advanced encryption.

Shipping & returns

Your precious piece will be securely delivered by our courrier who will request your signature for the delivery. For shipments to Switzerland, it will be executed by the Swiss Post and for all other countries by Fedex Express.

As each item is made just for you we cannot accept returns unless we have made a mistake regarding your specifications. See our Terms of Use for details.
If your ring doesn’t fit, we can adjust your ring size by +/- 2 sizes at no charge. In this case, contact us to organise the return.

Product care

Like anything truly precious, a jewel from THE RAYY needs love and attention if it is to endure and blossom. Discover the best way to live with, and care for your jewelry.

THE RAYY's jewelry is designed to keep your message looking bright and easy-to-read, even when your piece has picked up a few small scratches. These are part of the life of your jewel, and give it extra character. From time to time, give your jewelry a gentle clean with the cloth provided. This will maintain its sparkle, and keep it looking its best.

Your jewelry may lose a little of its shine over the years, or – depending on how you wear it – may get more badly scratched. In this case, special polishing may be required to restore its natural brilliance. Please contact us for instructions on returning your piece. We can re-polish your jewel and send it back to you for a small charge.

While we recommend you return your piece to us for polishing, you may wish to have the ring polished by your local jeweler. In this case, please tell them about its unique front surface, which must be treated gently. If your jewel is not properly handled, its message may be erased.

THE RAYY takes no responsibility for jewelry that has not been polished by us. Please see our Terms of Use for details. If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Revealing your light message

THE RAYY's jewelry is very special. Thanks to a closely guarded technique, its Mirror surfaces have been intricately shaped to reflect sunlight into a message. To make it appear, turn the mirror towards the sun and place your hand about 3 cm (1 in) away. The message will appear on your hand, which acts as a projection screen.

Once you get the idea, you can play with projecting your message onto any surface: skin, a wall, or an object. It may take a few tries to get the hang of it, but the gesture will become second nature in no time.