Behind<br><strong>the Scenes</strong>

the Scenes

A jewel starts out as an idea: an abstract concept on paper, bringing together raw materials, an inspiration and a message. The concept is reassessed, critiqued and amended, in a constant to-and-fro involving our entire in-house management team, until it finally takes on the perfect form.
It is then created physically by carefully selected partner-craftsmen in Switzerland. The process involves both traditional jewelry-making techniques – such as lost-wax casting, polishing and diamond setting, performed by virtuoso specialists – and contemporary innovations to encapsulate your message in the precious Mirrors.

The result is an object of beauty with a unique, secret message, to accompany you wherever you go.

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Our jewelry is a precious alchemy of four unique materials.

Our lab-grown diamonds draw on human ingenuity to recreate one of nature's great mysteries, with minimal impact on the environment. Created using cutting-edge technology, they have exactly the same physical, chemical and optical qualities as mined stones.

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All our gold conforms to the Responsible Jewelry Council's Chain-of-Custody standard. This guarantees that it has either been responsibly mined, or recycled from electronic components or pre-existing jewelry.

The Mirror surface at the center of your jewel is in fact an invisible network of tiny waves. Sculpted using a secret algorithm and high-precision machinery, they encode a hidden message and transform it into light.

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Our fourth material is light itself, an intangible energy given material form by our jewelry. Transformed by polished metal, it is reflected, fragmented and recomposed, to reveal a hidden aspect of your soul.