Behind<br><strong>the Mirror</strong>

the Mirror

Whether sculpted from a single block of 18kt gold or delicately set into the precious metal, mirrors are THE RAYY's focal points. Sculpted in three dimensions, they reflect a personal message when the sun catches the surface of the jewel. This sophisticated technology is descended from the ancient magic mirrors that became popular in China during the Han dynasty (206 BC – 220 AD), and remained a mystery to Western science until the late 19th century.
Enclosed within the creation's reflective surface, its SECRETS can now be yours
Thanks to this unique process, your jewel opens the door to a new dimension. When directed onto its mirror surface, any light source – a spotlight, a smartphone flashlight, or the rays of the sun – conjures up an augmented reality: a space where time stands still, where a word, sign or message reconnects you with the person you really are. In this parallel dimension, light resonates with personal meaning, and jewelry is a mirror for the soul.
Your jewel opens the door to a NEW DIMENSION
In this interplay of intimacy and reflection, the Mirror is the vector. It transforms sunlight into messages and projects them into your life, expressing emotions and defying taboos. Its images channel a symbolic power that stretches back through Snow White, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Don Quixote, Beaudelaire and Jean Cocteau's Orphée, all the way to the Narcissus myth. For mirrors have always been magical objects, gateways to a world of dreams and desires. Today, those dreams and desires are your own.
Discover the GEOMETRY collection
With the FACETS Collection, THE RAYY raises mirrors to the rank of precious stones. Thanks to a collaboration with Spanish surrealist artist Blanca Miró Skoudy, these jewelry pieces dress up your fingers with pocket art performances. Inspired by the four elements, their graphic motifs will project the hidden side of your personality whenever you choose to reveal it.
Discover the FACETS collection
With THE RAYY, you decide what your mirror world will contain. Your jewel's reflective surface can be inscribed with the personal message of your choice, a message that will only be revealed when you decide. It may be a word – in the characters of any language – or an image, chosen from our collaborations with the artists Blanca Miro Skoudy and Kit Agar, or entirely of your own design. Whatever you select, the result will be a jewel that truly reflects your inner you.            

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