THE RAYY is excited to announce having signed a partnership with a world-renowned fine jewelry brand. This new phase will enable THE RAYY to offer the Rayform™ light-shaping technology to a wider audience through the world-wide distribution network of one of the world's most famous luxury groups.

Collection of THE RAYY jewelry including EUPHORIA projection

Sculpting Light

By blending our cutting-edge technology with traditional fine jewelry know-how, each jewelry piece becomes a unique vessel revealing its secret message when the sunlight shines. The technique developed by Rayform over 10 years requires the utmost precision which can only be achieved by the very best artisans. Be a witness to the birth of a new form of craftsmanship — sculpting light rays.

Collection of THE RAYY jewelry including ETHEREAL and LOVE projection

A New Chapter

We are focusing our efforts on preparing an exciting launch with our new partner and are therefore putting on hold the sale of new jewelry pieces. We will continue production and support for existing orders. We are confident your patience will be well rewarded once we can share the brand's new collection with you. In the meantime, you can easily send us a message through the form below.

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Kindly note that we are not taking any new orders, but we will continue to provide after-sale service.